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Are you a wholesaler? We want to work with you. Sign Up below.
We'll buy your deals or promote them to our huge list of hungry buyers.

Got A Great Wholesale Deal? No Need To Spend Time Looking For Buyers - We'll Buy It!

You've already done the leg of putting a good deal under contract. Let's eliminate the need to market the property to buyers. We'll buy your deal if it makes sense and fits into our buying formula. If it does then we promote it to our huge list of eager buyers. We offer 100% financing to our buyers which makes any property we promote to them attractive. They know that we have already vetted the deal and it qualifies for our 100% financing. There's NO DOWN PAYMENT, NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS, and minimal upfront closing cost as we can defer their points to the back of the loan. Our list of buyers consists of 1,000's of hungry buyers plus Facebook group marketing. We are a wholesaler's number one go-to option for disposing of their deals fast and efficiently. We handle the entire transaction from start to finish. All you have to do is sit and wait to collect your check at closing. We are a private money lender and investor making us the ultimate Dispo that you can count on for unloading your deals quickly.

We Buy

We'll purchase your deals, or blast them to our thousands of hungry buyers list as well promote your deal to many Facebook groups to get the maximum exposure in the quickest amount of time. Because we know time is of the essence.

We Fund

We make your deals a lot more attractive to buyers with our 100% financing. Our buyers look forward to receiving new offers from us because of how easy we make it for them to acquire their fix N' flips.

We Close

We handle the entire purchase transaction from start to finish. You rest from this point and let us do the heavy lifting of closing the transaction.

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How Does Your DISPO Service Works?


Have a property under contract but don't have the time or resources to handle the marketing and selling yourself? Crediify is the perfect solution for busy wholesalers. We specialize in helping wholesalers get their properties sold quickly and efficiently.


When you have a property under contract, simply come to our website and submit the deal for us to review. We will analyze the deal to see if it fits into our buying formula.


If it is a deal that makes sense for us, we will purchase the property and complete the rehab ourselves then list the property with a realtor. However, if it doesn't fit into our criteria, we will blast it out to our huge pool of over 10k plus buyers who are always looking for fresh deals.

Whether, or not, we want to purchase the property for ourselves or find a qualified buyer. We will always close directly with the seller (wholesaler). This means that we handle the entire purchase transaction from start to finish, with no involvement on the seller's part. We believe that this is the best way to provide a bonafide transaction.

By closing directly with the seller first and our buyer second,  we can provide a Boomerang 100% financing to the buyer which means that the buyer gets the property and the financing they need, and the seller gets their money quickly and efficiently. We believe that this is the best way to win in real estate, and we're committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Crediify takes the hassle out of disposing of your investment property so you can focus on what you do best - finding and putting properties under contract.

Boost your wholesaling business with us as your partner.

Why We Are Your Ultimate Dispo

We Are A Buyer

We will buy your assignable contracts

We also purchase properties for ourselves to rehab and flip or hold.

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100% Financing

We'll provide the financing to our buyer

We make your deal more attractive to buyers with our 100% financing offer.

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Marketing to Buyers

We'll blast your deal to our huge list of hungry buyers

You can focus on locking more properties under contract and we'll secure the buyers for you.

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Close The Deal

We handle the transaction from start to finish

Everything related to the closing of the purchased transaction is managed by us allowing you to focus on getting more properties under contract.

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Are You Ready To Move From Wholesaling To A Buyer? We Can Fund Your Next Deal.

Our Boomerang funding program puts you in the driver's seat. If you had locked in a great Fix N' Flip deal that you would rather complete yourself. We can provide you with 100% financing. We are your REI Hub.
Ditch The Need To Market Your Deals To Buyers! We'll Buy Your Assignable Contracts.

You have a good deal, we want it. If it doesn't work for us we can blast your deal to our list of 10K plus hungry buyers.

 CITIES We Serve:    Los Angeles  |  New York  |  Phoenix  |  Houston  | Las Vegas  |  Dallas  |  Chicago  |  Tampa  |  San Antonio  |  Denver  |  San Diego

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