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CRM Features

The Ultimate All-in-One Real Estate CRM that provides all the tools that you need to efficiently manage and track all of your leads, Team, Lenders, Listings and Transactions.

Listing Platform

Convert seller leads into listings and manage the transaction under one roof. Automatically assign tasks to be completed of each listing status from New to Pending to Closed.
Auto Lead Assign

Disbursing leads to your team has never been easier. Choose from a round-robin or team blast option to disburse leads to your team with predefined filters, such-as listing price or zip code and allow the platform to do the work for you.
Duplicate Lead Assign

Tiered of having multiple agents on your team working the same leads? Loomlogic will automatically assign leads from any source to the previous agent working this lead and push notifications to ensure proper followup is established.
Calendar Sync

Sync your calendars to stay up to date on all booked appointments, contingencies and scheduled closings. Choose what data to display or hide and keep your account clutter free.
Goals Accountability Coach

Give every agent on your team the option to set their own goals and keep them accountable with tracking team production. No need to manually input data, Loomlogic will automatically do this for you.
Action Plans
Action Plans

Predefined action plans help keep your business on track. Stay organized with what needs to be done each day and know when your team is not performing as they should be. Assign action plans for your team to ensure all leads are followed up with and ready to be converted.
Dialer Position (coming soon)

A dialer prequalifies the leads and sets initial appointments for the agent. Also, they will work to obtain loan approval with the lender partners to ensure the leads you work with are ready to buy.
Auto Lead Import

Automatically funnel all of your leads from online portals like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, and hundreds more. Loomlogic takes care of the setup by providing an open source API or email parsing, so that you can focus on getting more business.
Lender Connect
Connect with your Lenders

Loomlogic allows agents to connect with their preferred lenders for easy lead tracking. Know when your lender called, pre-approved, or set up an appointment with each lead. Simplify the loan process with automatic loan status updates from all preferred lenders.
Track Team Performance
Track Team Performance

With Loomlogic, not only can you automatically assign leads to individual agents, but you can easily track all aspects of their performance. This includes how quickly agents reach out to the leads, how well they convert, and how active each agent is with their business.
Activity Management
Activity Management

Start every day with an overview of what needs to be done. Stay organized with all important escrow contract dates and be notified when your contingencies are due. Be in control of your schedule and stay productive.
Call Tracking

Assign a phone number to your agents and track all calls to know what is working and what isn’t. With additional filters you can assign phone numbers to every agent, listen to recordings of their conversations, and track conversion.
Transaction Management
Transaction Management

Loomlogic makes user interface and ease of use top priorities, while keeping important information at your fingertips. Managing your escrows has never been easier.
Referral Network

Loomlogic allows you to build an exclusive buyers agent team or referral network. Say goodbye to the old concept of one system for one team. Connect, refer and track your leads with multiple satellite offices all under one roof.
SMS Templates

Nurturing leads has never been easier with your pre-defined sms templates. With an open rate of 95% this is an absolute must tool to have in your real estate crm. It’s time you stand out and show your clients you are there.
Email Templates

Email templates will give you the ability to streamline your communication with leads with just a click of a button. You will save lots of time when following-up with your contacts with this feature.
Live Support

Our team is committed to your success. We offer live call or chat support 7 days a week during working business hours. No questions are too small or stupid to ask, we are here when you need us, as simple as that.
Email Sync

Syncing your emails in one centralized hub allows you to be more organized and efficient. Loomlogic can sync your emails and duplicate all correspondence between you and your clients to know who has opened or responded to your emails.
SMS Communication

With an open rate of 95% SMS have become the best form of communication between you the Agent and your leads/clients. Implementing this tool will allow you to be more efficient at communication.
Team Working Schedule

Work should not affect agents’ or lenders’ personal lives. Therefore, at Loomlogic every team member can customize their working hours and receive leads only during the days and times they are scheduled and available to receive calls.
Auto Responder

Enable your auto-response SMS texts for a quicker way to connect with all your leads. Automatically send text messages and drip on all new leads with messages to help you better convert.
SMS Drip Campaigns

For higher conversion with online leads you must implement tools that will get the job done. Emails are a thing of the past, drip on your leads with SMS campaigns.
Commission Tracking
Commission Tracking

Say goodbye to double entry to manage your financials. Loomlogic automatically calculates what you will make on your team splits and your personal escrows. Set goals and see how well you and your team are performing each month.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Drip campaigns revolutionized. Loomlogic will automatically assign drips according to the status of every lead and drip via email and SMS for higher conversion. As lead status changes, so does the drip campaign. It is no longer necessary to manually assign drips as you go.
Vacation Mode
Vacation Mode

Whether you are leaving on vacation, attending a two-day seminar, or cheering at your kids soccer game, one button helps you keep your business running. Turn on “Vacation Mode” and have all your leads funnel to your team.
Contact Management
Contact Management

Contact management simplified. From leads to contacts to past sales, Loomlogic will help you stay in touch with all your contacts through our easy to use platform to achieve better results.

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